Backend Developer

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Salary Starts from 1000 EUR

Location Cairo

Job Requirements

1. Complete computer-science degree or equivalent experience.
2. Experience with backend languages; Ruby, Node, JS.
3. Experience with cloud computing, microservices and data streams.
4. Knowledge of the following; Elixir / erlang / ocaml.
5. Excellent English communication skills.
6. Willing to work remotely from a co-working space in Cairo.

Job Description

We’re looking for a backend developer to develop our backend systems. Priority will be given to those who have experience with more than one programming language. We value high quality work as well as ethical standards and transparency. If you have excellent communication and analytical skills, apply now to join one of the fastest growing startups in Europe.

How to apply?

Signup or Login to your account and make sure your profile is complete and updated.
Some jobs require a task to be completed before a specified deadline. You should upload the task to a github repository (make sure it's public) and then submit the repository link in the form emailed to you when you received the task.

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