Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

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Salary starts from 24,000 EGP

Location Cairo

Job Requirements

- Complete computer-science degree and good understanding of algorithms and data-structures with at least 3 years of experience.
- Front-end experience with REACT and writing RESTful web service APIs.
- Back-end experience on Ruby on Rails.
- Experience writing RESTful web service APIs.
- Solid relational database design fundamentals.
- Distributed version control with Git.
- Excellent communication skills in English.
- Willing to work remotely from a coworking space in Cairo.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced full-time software engineer with good algorithmic knowledge. We need an engineer that will share our vision and build something exciting and fresh from scratch!

We tackle a huge problem in retail - that costs retailers billions a year and creates tons of waste. That problem is customer returns. In retail, around 15% of all products sold get returned. 50% of these returned products are either damaged, open-box or show signs of usage. These returns can’t be resold as new and often simply get discarded. That’s over a billion products a year in Germany alone. While painful for retailers, returns have been accepted as a cost of doing business and until now the environmental impacts have been overlooked. Despite the volume and potential value of products in the reverse supply chain, most retailers lack the core capacity to inspect and re-market returned inventory and take advantage of multi-channel dispositions that are available.

We provide processes and a technology solution that connects these goods directly to consumers, cutting out all middlemen and increasing recovery value for retailers, while giving consumers great deals and reducing environmental waste

How to apply?

Fill out the form below then you'll recieve an email with a task. You should complete the task before the specified deadline. You should upload the task to a github repository (make sure it's public) and then submit the repository link in the form emailed to you when you received the task.

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