Internship Details


Job Title Social Media Marketing

Salary Paid

Company Location Cairo

Duration 1 Month

Job Requirements

Someone who: •Is enthusiastic about the digital world and social media platforms •Finds fun in producing interesting content for social media channels and blogs in English and Arabic •Can crack a brief post for twitter and Facebook •Creates catchy designs in a few minutes Plus applying through your profile on InternsValley, you should send your CV with the following tasks to - Please use "Social Media Specialist" as the email subject.

Job Description is looking for an energetic Social Media Specialist to join its growing team! - Generate original content in English and Arabic and associated design work (20%); - Create, execute and monitor content for social media presence (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, YouTube) (15%); - Engage community online and offline (20%); - Coordinate with other team members to internally crowdsource content and ideas for the social media (10%); - Support Marketing & Communications Specialist in monitoring social media and web analytics, produce reports, and suggest key actions for improvement (10%); - Support Marketing & Communications Specialist in writing & distributing newsletters and press releases after each challenges’ round (5%); - Increase brand awareness among relevant groups (10%); - Build up and continuously update a database innovators, professionals and other potential solvers, as well as, online groups through which activities could be promoted (10%).

About The Company is a Cairo-based non-profit CrowdSolving platform, with operations in Egypt and Tunisia and other developing countries. bridges the gap between: 1. The industrial, environmental and societal challenges faced local factories, NGOs, and governmental organizations 2. The innovative untapped ideas and skills of potential problem solvers who can easily solve such challenges in return to a predefined reward. 3. Development Agencies, International Organizations, CSR departments that are interested in fostering the linkage between scientific research and the market needs also provides a gateway for financial platforms (VCs, Crowdfunding platforms and others) to get innovative projects to support and/or invest in.

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