Internship Details


Job Title Creative Content and Marketing

Salary Unpaid

Company Location Online

Duration 3 Month

Job Requirements

We want to hear your ideas and your input on our product. You will be included in helping us to develop and confirm our content marketing approach. It will allow you to learn and test various forms of (content) marketing and help you build your track record in an international startup. Currently, our team are: • Developing new marketing campaigns for our social media presence • Researching content ideas for our blog • Identifying images to be used on the app Working on the app with bloggers to create content Gathering content for travelers (in 70+ countries) The ideal candidate will have: • A keen interest in marketing • Perfect written English • An ability to work as part of a team as well as on their own • An interest in travel and cultures • Creativity and ingenuity • Strong written and verbal communication skills • Previous experience in copywriting (preferred) This is an unpaid position; however allowable expenses will be covered.

Job Description

This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in a growing App business. We’re looking for a creative intern who loves researching, writing and traveling. Develop your content writing skills by writing for our blog, taking part in visual research. You will also be involved in content marketing on social media feeds.

About The Company

Tipping varies from country to country. Tiplikealocal is the easiest tipping calculator App for those who like to blend in with local customs and traditions. Simply select the country, your restaurant bill and service quality to get to the total bill (incl. tip). After launching the App in 2014 we have now increasing demand from the US and China. Tapping into the potential we are soon launching a new version of the App with more content and useful features for travelers.

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