Internship Details


Job Title Python Backend Developer

Salary Paid

Company Location Cairo

Duration 3 Month

Job Requirements

Daily Tasks: - Become part of a small and motivated team affiliate marketing agency - Work during your time on an adserver, re-engineer existing APIs and build fake-apis to do programmatic media buying and write data analysis apps - Enjoy to work dedicated and independent on your assigned tasks. You will get your list of tasks for the week together with mock ups and explanations that you can work on independently. - Be ready to always expand your current knowledge through self-study and internet research - Gain insights in large-scale affiliate marketing/performance marketing - Have a personal assigned contact person that is always there for you in case of questions or feedback Knowledge: - Very good knowledge in Python (>= 3.5), building scaleable and asynchronous apps, databases (Redis, SQL) and development of webapps. Knowledge in data manipulation and statistical analysis is a big bonus. - Experience in designing and developing high performing server side applications with an API (e.g. FLASK). - Experience or the willingness to learn how to build a server which handles >10K concurrent connections with a response time <80ms. - Being able to produce high quality, well documented and well-tested code. The developed software is business critical and bugs can cost thousands of dollars. - Attitude to always expand current knowledge through self-study and research - Able to work dedicated and independently on given tasks - Open, honest and transparent communication is the basis for successful work. Dev must have proactive attitude towards problem solving and come up with own ideas to solve tasks. Salary: 200 Euro (willing to pay more if dev has very good skills) Workplace: - Our company is based in Berlin. You will Work remotely, based in a co-working space in Cairo, Egypt ** Apply with a completed profile, and put link to your portfolio in the "Describe yourself" label.

Job Description

We are looking for an experience python developer to develop an adserver, re-engineer existing APIs (e.g. via webscraping) and build Fake-Apis and other data manipulation apps.

About The Company

Bertbaum Internet is a Berlin based e-commerce agency established in early 2016. It started off as an affiliate marketing agency of three young and highly motivated members and slowly grew also towards other fields inside the e-commerce area. Since midth of 2016 Bertbaum Internet runs in addition to the core business, the affiliate marketing, its own online shop ( and is involved in various online shop optimization projects for other companies. As both, the affiliate marketing and the e-commerce projects are continuously growing, Bertbaum Internet is looking for some motivated talent to join its growing team and business.

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