Internship Details


Job Title Social Media & Talent Acquisition Intern

Salary Paid

Company Location Berlin

Duration 3 Month

Job Requirements

We are looking for people who: * can create social media content * can execute a social media strategy * represent us on facebook, LinkedIn * establish local partnerships with universities, Goethe Institutes etc. * run a part of our operations (communications, application feedback) * test and improve our technical screens (if you are a software engineer) People with IT background and access to tech community in Cairo/Egypt strongly preferred as our target group consists of experienced IT professionals (min 3 years of work experience) seeking to relocate to Europe. Other requirements: * Strong verbal and written English * Crisp, clear communication skills * Dedication to our mission * A sense for quality

Job Description

We want to make it less painful for foreign talents to find a job in Europe. Easier and faster for qualified talent. More effective for HR recruiting managers. Inspiring our societies to take fresh perspective at the rich promise of immigration that works for all. To shape this new reality, we are looking for people like you. People who pride themselves in the art of rethinking conventions and in the practice of ‘getting stuff done’. We don’t care how you look like, what you did before or where you are?—?as long as your heart and mind propel you to advancing our mission. This is a growth opportunity which can lead to various forms of full time employment.

About The Company

We imagine a new world. A world where people freely unfold their talents. A world in which talented people from outside Europe move effortlessly towards opportunity. A world in which our firms tap into new sources of talent. A world in which Europe becomes a beacon of light and opportunity for young global talent. We imagine such a better world and are committed to bringing it forward. We support talents from outside Europe in discovering and realizing their global human potential. To do so, we build artificial intelligence based techology solutions to inspire, inform and match talent to opportunity. We start with engineers and IT professionals in the Middle East. We then branch out.

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