Internship Details


Job Title Chaino Ambassadors Program

Salary Unpaid

Company Location Other

Duration 6 Month

Job Requirements

Passionate undergraduate who is actively involved in student life on campus, with an entrepreneurial mindset and a “Go get them!” attitude.
Social media marketing expertise is a plus.

Job Description

You’ll also be a part of Chaino’s Ambassador Program.
you’ll be responsible for marketing Chaino on all levels; representing Chaino online and offline in your university.
Be part of launching the next revolution in social media.
Exercise your creativity in marketing and increase your influence at your university campus.
Contribute ideas that will affect the lives of millions of people all over the world, and exchange them with student ambassadors all over the world.
As of your contribution, you will receive a lot of benefits as well!

About The Company

Organize your social life online like you do in real life! Chaino is a new social networking paradigm. Unlike other platforms that try to move your social life online, Chaino uses the power of online to support your real social life. Chaino protects its members’ privacy by providing them with control over how people see them and over what they see, easy as 123. Chaino helps online community owners thrive, enabling them to reach all their community members and to increase their income.

Strategic Partners