Internship Details


Job Title Creative Content & Marketing Intern

Salary Paid

Company Location Berlin

Duration 2 Month

Job Requirements

You are/have:

- Self-Driven: As a startup we define objectives but you have the full responsibility on how to get there (with our assistance of course).
- Communicative: You have a strong written and verbal communication skills in Arabic and English.
- Well-organized: We move fast and structured, so you need to feel comfortable with this environment.
- Keen Interest: You are passionate and interested to learn about online marketing.
- Previous-experience: We prefer a candidate with an experience in copywriting and using photoshop.

Job Description

We want to hear your creative ideas and your input on our platform. You will be responsible for developing our content marketing. It is an opportunity for you to learn and test various forms of (content) marketing and build a track record in an international startup. You will be working full time from home for 2 months.

Your main tasks will include:

• Developing new marketing campaigns for our social media presence
• Researching content ideas for our blog
• Creating content for blog, newsletter and social media.
• Identifying potential bloggers and link building strategy.

About The Company

Internsvalley is an online marketplace that enables employers (startups) to find and hire remote interns to fulfill actual and realistic startups needs with low cost. It connects employers (Startups) with talented interns and fresh graduates. In addition, it links first time job seekers / fresh graduates and students who seek work experience with the opportunities for practical learning.

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