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01 Oct 2017

Entrepreneurs and SMEs can now rely on talented employees who believe in their mission and support their team to accomplish tasks and achieve their goals. On May 31, 2017, InternsValley team announced the launch of the second, “BETA” version of its matching platform InternsValley.com, after the success of the initial “ALPHA” release early last year. ALPHA release has attracted 74 emerging projects and 4,900 university students to date.

InternsValley platform aims to connect university students and fresh graduates with entrepreneurs, startup owners, and medium-sized companies to work together and exchange experiences. The platform provides students and graduates with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-world practical training. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, can build a passionate team of young talents, giving them the ability to face challenges flexibly without the cost of employment to be a constraint.


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While university student or graduate is looking for a real job opportunity in the field he aspires to work in and suits his passion and gives him the experience that backs up his knowledge, it becomes difficult to achieve this in reality due to the saturation of the job market. With hundreds of thousands graduating from university every year, finding a job becomes their biggest challenge.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs of emerging projects are struggling to find human resources, especially high calibers without draining their limited financial resources. Most entrepreneurs avoid making a human resources department during the early startup stages, neither outsourcing the recruitment process to third parties.The goal is to save fund for activities with higher priority. Since financial resources are usually the biggest challenge to the growth and stability of any emerging business, reducing the initial labor costs is one of the most creative solutions to push these projects forward.

The integration of entrepreneurial market with academic environments helps reduce obstacles for startups, and provides students with opportunities to know and learn about the job market and the practical skills required for work before graduation.

InternsValley.com provides businesses with the ability to post their needs for young talents willing to participate in their projects. As Interns or Trainees, Students can work for one to three, six, and sometimes up to 12 months. In many cases, permanent employment contracts are subsequently concluded with the employers if the trainees prove their worth. This is also an additional advantage that helps fresh graduates to find jobs based only on real qualifications.

According to the World Bank studies* on emerging markets -as in Arab countries, 4 out of 5 jobs be vacancies, are provided by small or medium enterprises. Therefore, these environments provide great opportunities for training and easy access to jobs in contrast with bigger companies. InternsValley platform is providing a variety of training opportunities in several fields through the participating companies.

Through the initial release of the website, InternsValley team has already been able to achieve this goal pretty well. The platform has had great interaction between students and companies, and we got appreciation in our effort to connect them together. According to the companies that posted training opportunities (Internships / Traineeships)** on our website, the number of applicants was very sufficient and they were very close to the requirements, enabling them to select the best candidates within a short amount of time after “Call for interns!” ad.

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Our team was able to monitor and evaluate the interaction of users and to collect their observations and suggestions during the trial period. Edits were scheduled into the development plan of the next release, to improve website design and value.

By the end of the experimental operation of the platform, which was almost before the end of academic year (October, 2016), InternsValley team has begun to work on the new release of the platform, which includes improvements in the user interface, and facilitates the way it works,  as well as increasing its capacity to handle more users with better performance and stability.

The new version enables student and entrepreneur to reach their goals more efficiently and quickly.

Here is a brief of the new improvements:

  • New user interface: featuring a very smooth experience to users through easy and intuitive GUI, in addition to enhanced compatibility with most browsers


  • New student profile: serves as a brief resume that is more appropriate for undergraduate students and fresh graduates. It enables recruiters to ask questions to filter the right candidates. The new profile replaces traditional CVs and presents the skills of the student in a simple and clear way.


  • New Dashboard: “student's account”, now includes a notification system that shows updates continuously to the user, such as the status of his application for each opportunity. It shows him the progress of his application from "waiting state, reviewing, to shortlisting or rejection.

In “company’s account”, the control panel now helps them choose the most suitable candidate for their team by displaying a list of applicants for each opportunity, viewing their full profiles by clicking on them, and easily assigning appropriate candidates to the opportunity by selecting their status from a drop-down list.

Thus, InternsValley platform makes it easier and faster to connect companies with students. This will allow the largest number of students to receive training opportunities that develop their skills and open the doors to work and practice before graduation. It also saves entrepreneur’s time and resources when building their team, by avoiding to dump among hundreds of irrelevant CVs of costly full-timers.

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During the experimental phase of the first edition, InternsValley has been working as a networking platform for university students and graduates to be in link with entrepreneurs of emerging businesses. It has succeeded in providing pre-job opportunities of learning and acquiring practical experience for Arab youth at universities, in parallel with supporting more than 70 entrepreneurial startups and SMEs by providing them with skilled calibers.

InternsValley team hopes that the new website will appeal to its users and help convey our vision as a link between the academic community and the business world, especially entrepreneurial, to boost interaction between them and to increase employment rates in our countries. We hope to release youth energies for learning and innovation, and become a source of talents that contribute to the rise of startups and mid-sized companies as a means to economic growth and flourish of our society.


(*) Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Finance, World Bank, Sept 2015:


(**) - Internship: A time-bounded practical training into a department of company or institution (Like a scholarship).

- Traineeship: A Training program to qualifying worker before starting a job position (Pre-Job Preparation).

 Written by: Ahmed Elessawy


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