How to create an outstanding profile that gets you a remote internship?

28 Sep 2018

If you have been looking for remote internships for so long, you may be wondering why you haven’t got one until now. The primary reason could be your incomplete profile on InternsValley. With thousands of students applying for internships every day, your profile should really stand out to encourage employers to contact you or take further steps after reviewing your profile. A great profile is not necessarily the one with a ton of work experience. But, it starts with understanding your key strengths and with being able to showcase your skills in a few sentences.

So, to all fresh graduates or senior students who want to work from home while studying, there are plenty of internship opportunities provided through InternsValley. A quick look at our internship page will help you find the best opportunity that matches your educational background. After identifying which internship you will apply to you have to get your profile ready for the next step. Completing your profile and filling in all the required information should take only a few minutes. But it will have a significant impact on making your profile noticed by employers and increase your chances of getting shortlisted.  

Important tips:

There are important notes that you should follow to complete your student application. First, how to write the best sentence to describe yourself:

The main reason this is an important section is because it gives employers and hiring managers an idea about how you perceive yourself, your values and strengths. So, it is necessary to take a moment to think about how to describe yourself in the best possible way. Ask yourself what are the qualities that best describe me? In one sentence, you should highlight your strengths and skills using adjectives that will attract employers and convince them that you are the best fit for the internship.

For example, a good way to describe yourself in one sentence could be: “I’m a self-learner and hard-working individual. I find pleasure in learning new skills because it makes me grow personally and professionally.”

When applying for a remote internship, it is crucial to highlight the qualities or the attributes that align with the skills required for a remote internship success. In this case you may write: “I’m a good communicator. I believe that effective communication drives the best results so, I make sure I give people accurate information with clarity and consciousness.”

What to avoid?

Avoid using general words such as flexible, reliable, talented. Instead, strengthen your answer with elaborations as shown in the example above.

Second, another important step is answering this question: “Mention 3 points of strengths and 3 points to develop.”

This question is important because it shows your employers how useful you could be in this new role. As a student or a fresh graduate, you may lack the knowledge of your industry, but you can always refer to your mentors, lecturers, or friends to help you figure out what distinguishes you from your peers.

There are major differences between strengths and skills. Strengths are what you are naturally good at, while skills are those points that you have worked hard to master. For example, you are naturally detail-oriented, patient, a good observer, or determined. These are the strengths that have been with you since you were a child. On the other hand, your skills include playing a musical instrument such as, Piano through practice and repetition. That’s why you shouldn’t confuse strengths with skills. In this section, you should only focus on mentioning 3 strengths that best describe you and resonate with the internship area you are looking for. It is always encouraged to provide examples that will make your answers memorable and motivate employers to contact you.

So instead of saying “I’m responsible”, elaborate your answer with a situation that shows how responsible you were in the past.

For example, “When I was in college, I had a part-time job that required my full attention. Despite the stress, I graduated with excellent grades.”

Three things you should remember when filling in this section; stay authentic, be honest and never brag about yourself.

The second part is stating your weaknesses or the points that you want to develop. Certainly, you have a lot of them as we all do. To help you make a list of weaknesses, ask yourself the following questions:

·      What was the task that I didn’t do well in college?

·      Did my lecturers/employers ever criticize me for something?

Be realistic in your answers as employers understand your experience level as a fresh graduate.

The next step is describing your past experience, if you have any. Highlight what you have learned, your roles and responsibilities in that position.

After describing your experience, it is time to list the skills the distinguish you from other applicants. As we explained earlier, a skill is something you have practiced multiple times. List all the skills you possess whether it matches your internship requirement or not. It shows employers that you have the potential to develop new skills over time.

So, what are the most required skills for all remote internships?

There is a set of skills required for almost all remote internships. On top of the list is communication skills, both written and oral. No matter what field you are in, you will have to communicate with your colleagues, team members and supervisors.

The second skill is problem-solving. Employers hire interns who are independent and able to take decisions on their own. Finally, list all industry-related skills that you have acquired from college or previous internships.

Final note, keep your profile up to date by adding your current employment and the recent skills that you have acquired. Completing your profile is a crucial step towards landing a remote internship. If you have any questions on how to complete your InternsValley’s profile, reach out to us via our social media platforms.

By: Menna Shalaby

Content Manager 

Strategic Partners