3 Success stories of remote interns that will leave you inspired

10 Sep 2018

It is no secret that internships are hard to find. However, they are truly useful to take your career to a higher level. In this part of our success stories series, we have three inspiring stories of students who found remote internships through InternsValley and were able to prove their skills and achieve their goals.

Our first story is Ahmed Afifi, a former remote intern and currently a full-time Frontend Engineer at Tante E:

“I graduated in 2016, from Ain Shams university with bachelor’s degree in Computer and System Engineering.

I came across a post on InternsValley’s Facebook page about a remote internship offer at a German startup. I was not looking for an internship at that time, but I found this opportunity a great start to my career. The process was very easy, after I applied, I received a phone interview. The interviewer asked about my skills, work experience and education background. Working remotely is an incredibly useful experience for any fresh grad because you are required to depend on no one but yourself. So you will have to be a self learner, problem solver and proactive to take decisions whenever any technical problem occurs. I have developed many technical and non-technical skills. First of all, I learned to be proactive, problem solver and a decision maker because these skills are very important for remote work.

On the technical side, although I have a previous experience in front end development, the tasks assigned to me were challenging. So I had to learn by working on projects, and this helped me to learn very quickly and improve my skills in short time. Overall, it was a very good opportunity that helped me improve my technical/non-technical skills and an excellent step towards better career opportunities in the future.”

Ahmed Afifi, Intern at Tante E

George Awadallah, an intern at “Bertbaum internet” talks to us about how this internship helped him discover hidden talents that he knew nothing about:

“I Studied electronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. A friend of mine mentioned me on a Facebook post about a remote internship in a Berlin-based e-commerce agency. I applied through InternsValley’s website, and I went through two rounds of online interviews until I was hired.

During this remote internship my communication skills have improved, plus I learned how to make a product 3D modeling. This was my first time trying the 3D modeling, and I think I have made a good progress in it. After completing the internship, I got an opportunity to work as a freelancer video editor with other startups in Germany.

I will totally recommend InternsValley to other students because it provides many great internship opportunities and the team was very clear and supportive throughout the internship.”

George Awadallah, Intern at Bertbaum Internet

Hard work and willingness to learn are key factors for every internship success. Both Ahmed and George have ended their internships with a positive note. George received an offer to work as a part-time video editor while Ahmed got a full-time remote job at the same German startup that hired him as an intern.

The last success story for this part is our full stack intern at InternsValley, David Osama who shares his experience with us:

“I’m a Computer Engineering student at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. The first time I heard about InternsValley was 2 years ago from a friend at my university.

I was looking for a summer internship until I found an internship opportunity as a full stack intern at InternsValley. Working as a remote intern for InternsValley was a great experience that helped me learn more about both frontend and backend web development. I was given easy and simple tasks at the beginning of my internship to learn and improve my skills. By time and as I became more confident and comfortable with the system, the tasks were more challenging and advanced. I can say that I have gained a great technical experience in web development during this internship.

This internship has also helped me understand how a startup works and prepared me to face the challenging work life after graduation. I recommend InternsValley to all students and fresh grads for many reasons; you learn a lot, the working hours are flexible and the environment is great.”

David Osama, Intern at InternsValley

You can be one of our success stories too, register yourself as a student now and look for the internship that matches your qualifications and ambitions.

By: Menna Shalaby 

Content Manager 

Strategic Partners