Insights on the experience of successful remote interns with Rana Hesham

31 Aug 2018

There are many reasons why remote internships are challenging, leaving a positive impression in a short time is one of them. Secondly, remote internships require more skills than an office-based internship, those skills are mainly effective communication, time management and proactiveness. Interns’ life can be difficult sometimes because they are challenged to turn every obstacle into a success and leave a good impression that lasts even after their internship period.

This week, we are interviewing, Rana, our first success story. She was hired as an “online marketing intern” at a Berliner startup ‘’. Here’s what she says about her life as a remote intern and how she managed to keep the right balance between her remote internship and her responsibilities as a senior student:

“I knew about InternsValley last year, right before I applied for the internship opportunity at If I remember correctly one of my colleagues shared your page and highly recommended it and at that time I was actively searching for an internship opportunity that can fit in my busy senior year in college and give me the practical experience I need.”

  • How was your experience as a remote intern?

“My experience as a remote intern at was/still very enriching, full of continuous learning and growing both personally and professionally. You may think how could possibly a remote internship- which means you are not physically available at the office, could give you the opportunity to learn and grow that much? That what many of my friends have wondered about when I first started the internship. From my experience now I can say, working remotely is the perfect balance for any college student or recent grad, between the busy study life and gaining practical experience. I started this internship during my first semester in my senior year in college, at this time I had six courses in college, I was working on my graduation project and completing my graphic design diploma. You can clearly see how my schedule was very hectic, and also I wanted to get practical experience in the field I am absolutely passionate about and working as a remote intern has given me this opportunity.”

And on the perks of working remotely, Rana explains how this remote internship opportunity has allowed her to explore beyond her comfort zone:  

“Working as a remote intern definitely secures a lot of better opportunities- you can work from anywhere, enjoy flexible working hours and get to know, learn and work with people from diverse places around the world, who have different perspectives and backgrounds. However, remote work is not any easier than being location dependent or in an office.”

  • What were the challenges that you have faced?

“What I was struggling the most with when I initially started the internship is creating a ROUTINE! When you get the luxury of working from anywhere and at any time you want, you also suffer from having a lot of distractions around you and creating and committing to a work routine is not that easy either, because there is always this series you want to watch or you oversleep in the morning. As a result, you find yourself with a lot of deadlines and little achieved or you will always have to work so you will start losing your social life. However, after some time I could overcome this by sticking to a very definitive routine and following some rules, like:

  • Breaking down every task into smaller ones and put a deadline for each.

  • Mute all my social media notifications.

  • Create clear and fixed working hours, and this is not only for me but also for my friends and family.

  • Dedicate time for readings and inspiration and write down new ideas, this way I will always have ideas to execute.

Of course there have been some downs, but still, maintaining a routine and a clear to do list has helped me a lot to stay on track and never procrastinate anything.”

  • What skills have you acquired from this remote internship experience?

“I have gained many skills throughout this work experience and still learning and developing more. Therefore, allow me to divide those skills into two categories: personal skills and professional skills. Professionally, working with has given me the opportunity to develop a new meaning and understanding of marketing, I have learned it's not always about selling your product but also about building relationships and gaining your customers' trust first. Being mentored by a very passionate and dedicated person like Ms Ewelina Robaczek, founder and CEO, who has considerably supported me to expand my knowledge and learn about lots of topics like CRM, SEO, Coupon Management, the usage of different promotional campaigns throughout the consumer journey, managing social media and recognize the difference between each platform, and lots of many other topics. PS, I have started learning about most of these topics from scratch. In addition, Ms Ewelina has involved me in the company's work from the first day, which made the learning process way more beneficial and effective. My designing skills have developed in a matter of developing designs that catch attention and that is coherent with our brand, my writing skills have extraordinarily developed in that past 9 months. Personally, I have learned to be proactive, consistently express my ideas and ask any questions I might have to understand more, as being working remotely and most of the communication is over chat, you need to maintain a clear and effective communication, so you can know what is exactly your task and what is expected from you. I have learnt to inevitably focus on details because details are what make the big picture perfect, my English fluency and time management skills have also improved.”

  • Would you recommend InternsValley to other interns? Why?

“Yes, I have already recommended it to many of my friends. Because I am very thankful and grateful to this work experience that has given me the chance to grow on so many levels, you offer a lot of good opportunities with startups which is in my opinion, is a very good thing for students and recent grads to learn and get practical experience.”

Summer vacation is almost over, so it is time to reflect on the past few months to see what have you learned and accomplished. Climbing the ladder to your career goals takes a few steps and a huge effort; the good news is that the technology has made it possible to learn wherever you are. I think the best takeaway from this story is to take the first step now. If you haven’t checked our list of available internships, then do so because you might just be our next success story!

By: Menna Shalaby 

Content Manager 

Strategic Partners