Make the most of your summer: Your guide to InternsValley’s summer internships

20 Jun 2018

As the summer holiday is approaching, it’s time to get the industrial experience that will make you graduate with a job offer in hand. As all students know, classes teach us pretty much everything about the theories, but in real life, we need a little bit more than that. Here comes the importance of an internship that puts you in the right direction. In the past, finding an internship was extremely challenging, especially when most of the job hunting platforms focus on advertising full-time jobs that require a solid background experience. Nowadays, competition has become very fierce for internships with few or only limited internships offered by established companies. Startups are breaking new grounds by hiring remote interns and providing many internship opportunities to students and fresh grads.

This summer, InternsValley offer a number of internship programs from different fields; digital marketing, software development, business development and operations, UX and creative design. In the following, we will go through all the steps you need to take to make sure that you make the most of your time off college:

Why intern at a startup?

As an intern for a startup, you will have a real responsibility to work from scratch on projects that directly impact clients. Considering the small number of employees, you may find yourself handling different projects that will make you understand more about other roles as well. On the other hand, such opportunities may not be available at large companies with bigger teams and established platforms.

When shall I start applying for internships?

Ideally, if you are in the third or fourth year of your degree, you should be applying for internships. However, an internship program at any stage of your education would be valuable. I recommend that you start looking for opportunities in your first year of college. An internship at this early stage will help you to explore many areas that you didn’t previously know anything about.

How to apply?

If this is your first time visiting InternsValley, you should register as student  Sign up with your email in order to become a registered student and to receive notification whenever there’s an internship for you.

Secondly, you will be required to build your profile. Building a strong profile will increase your chances to be noticed by employers. List all your previous work experience and skills in addition to the extracurricular activities if you have any. Once this step is completed, you will be able to apply for internships.

How to choose a relevant internship?

A puzzling question that many students ask; should I choose an internship that I’m interested in? Or an internship that resonates with my qualification? Well, there is not a definitive answer to that. For example, if you are applying for a software engineering internship without a relevant degree, your chances to be chosen are very low. On the other hand, other positions such as content writer, community moderation or even graphic design don’t necessarily require a degree, but rather a passion for learning, basic skills and determination. I should note that having a genuine interest in something doesn’t necessarily make you qualified for the internship. You need to prove that you have at least the basic knowledge and skills that prepare you for the position.                                                                                                                         

Duration of an internship

Many students wonder what is the ideal duration of an internship. Most summer internships provided by InternsValley are between 2-3 months. In fact, 3 months are a perfect duration for students to get used to the working routine and understand the required tasks. Some employers extend the internship for another 2 or 3 months after the initial period is completed. You should be aware of all the possibilities before the commencement of your internship.

Training and supervision

During your internship, you will receive training and supervision from your employer’s side. Depending on the field of your internship, the tasks given to you should resonate with the job description and will help you develop many skills to be ready for the next job adventure. In most cases, your employer will provide you with an evaluation prior to your internship end date. If you don’t receive an evaluation, reach out to your supervisor and ask for one.

As a remote intern, you will be working from our co-working space in Cairo, is where you will work during your internship program.

Average salaries

On average, a remote intern earns 150-250 EUR per month. This is the average salary range, and it may vary according to the employer.

It’s true that internships are becoming very competitive, but if you show the talent, commitment and intelligence you will eventually find an opportunity that makes you develop. Remember that opportunities are limitless, you just need to have the passion and patience and once you find one, the experience is guaranteed.

By: Menna Shalaby 

Creative Content Intern 

Strategic Partners