4 Reasons why early stage startups should hire remote interns

18 May 2018

One of the missions of every newly formed business or a startup is to create a rapid growth by providing socially inspiring and creative ideas to the public. Growing your business in a reasonable time frame requires commitment and hard work. Therefore, running a startup can be a very pressure-filled and hectic job to many young entrepreneurs and business owners. One of the toughest decisions every startup CEO should go through, is hiring employees. Building a team of talented and qualified employees can be expensive. At the same time, it is crucial to have young, ambitious and talented employees who can be a real asset to the startup from the very first day.

The startup scene across the globe and in Germany, in particular, is growing dramatically. Given that Berlin is ranked as Europe 2nd biggest startup hub with more than 178% increase in the total investment in 2017. Many startups have started capitalizing on remote interns. InternsValley, for instance, is a promising example of a berlin based startup that operates with remote interns to provide international students with a wide range of remote internship opportunities in Europe.

A team of remote interns can be a great talent source. There are many tasks that can be done by remote interns including graphic design, web design, digital marketing, software development, writing and even customer services. Hiring remote interns makes you embrace the online communication technology that the world has offered us. The key is to choose your remote interns wisely and make sure you offer them real training opportunities that help them in the long run. If you are a startup CEO who is looking for talents and still thinking about hiring remote interns, then the following 4 reasons will convince you.

1. Expand your talent search

First and foremost, looking for interns who have the basics of knowledge and willing to develop their skills is a challenging job. It is often hard to find talents in the same geographical area in which your startup is located. And dismissing remote interns can cost you a lot especially if they are the best candidates for the job. As a startup CEO, your goal is to hire the most qualified candidates even if they aren’t physically located in the same city . Thus, expanding your talent search could increase the chances of hiring the most talented and skilled candidates who can do wonders for your business. By utilizing various communication tools, geographical barriers are no longer a problem and should not limit your recruitment strategy. Many international companies are hiring remote interns such as Apple, Dell, Amazon, and Appen, and so should you.

2. Hiring remote interns is cost effective

Despite how helpful they could be; remote interns are usually paid less than on-site interns. Therefore, hiring remote interns in your startup can help you save up a lot of money by reducing your rental fees, office supplies, accommodations, etc. You can use those savings to invest in a new project that helps your startup grow, or you can even hire another group of interns with different skills to manage different tasks.                                                            

3. Remote interns are eager to learn

One of the reasons why you should hire remote interns is because they are genuinely enthusiastic and willing to learn. Many students and fresh graduates who are looking for remote internships are concerned about the skills they will acquire from this opportunity. Experience and knowledge are what matters most to them, otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing it. The willingness to learn and the talent drive most remote interns to learn even faster than traditional on-site interns. Remote interns can also be more productive than others as they are not bound by office rules and are given the freedom to work whenever they want. Many startups found that allowing some employees to work remotely has contributed to the overall productivity of the team and changed the work atmosphere for the better. Thus, helping students get a worthwhile experience to develop their skills is something that you should consider.

4. Diverse perspectives

The most interesting part when it comes to hiring remote interns is getting diverse perspectives on almost everything. Working with remote interns from different cultural and educational background can create the best outcomes for your startup. Diverse interns will not just bring new and diverse ideas to the table, but they will also present new ways to tackle problems and unpleasant issues that may arise. Creativity goes hand in hand with diversity, the more diverse your team is, the more creative ideas you will get. Therefore, you should be encouraging remote internships more often, especially when the candidates represent different cultures. This will also help increase your brand recognition as your startup will be a recognizable brand in different geographical locations.

Remote internships are undoubtedly helpful for early stage startup. For students, it is a great chance to gain valuable real world experience without traveling to the workplace. However, we always advise startups to consider both on-site and remote internships. Each, in its own way, is useful to the progress of your startup.

By: Menna Shalaby 
Creative Content Intern 

Strategic Partners