4 steps every student should know before applying for a remote internship

19 May 2018

Summer internships can be great for students who want to start their “adventures” during summer breaks. In today’s world, there are two types of internships, an on-site versus a virtual or a remote internship. Thanks to the internet, students do not have to spend hours traveling to an office halfway across the country as there are hundreds of companies that offer college students and fresh graduates remote internship opportunities. A remote internship is a win-win situation for both employers and students for a variety of reasons;

  • Students can learn from the opportunity and gain industrial experience before venturing into the real working world.

  • Employers can hire the most talented and ambitious students regardless of their geographic location. Many Working from Home platforms are moving towards hiring remote workers. In relation to this, a Stanford study found that remote working led to an increase in the overall performance of companies by 13%.

Besides, working remotely will also help you improve your communication skills. During your remote internship period, most business communications will be done either by writing or via video/voice calls. Hence, as a remote intern, it would be a great opportunity to improve your writing and editing of professional proses. Being able to communicate and express your ideas virtually with your supervisors and co-workers is another skill that you will develop from your remote internship experience. Keep in mind that being clear and consistent is important for effective communication. Moreover, remote internships can be great for students having difficulties adjusting their time as they will learn the basic time management skills that will boost their productivity.

As a student or a fresh graduate looking for a remote internship, you may have come across several internship postings that require certain attributes and skills. However, we understand your perils as you may not have figured out your greatest strengths yet. At the same time, grabbing new opportunities and accepting new challenges are what make you learn and stand out. In fact, a study from the UK and Australia showed that students who have undergone internships before completing their study appear to be more competent when it comes to career choices.

In Egypt, many internship opportunities are offered to students. Some students even engage in internships abroad to broaden their experience. While these internships help students get the practical experience they need, remote internships provide similar experience as students will get to work with both local and international startups from anywhere they want.

Whether it is a remote internship or an on-site one, it is crucial that you get yourself prepared before hitting the internship ground. Therefore, we have prepared few tips that we thought would be helpful for the process of internship hunting.

         1. Identify your strengths 

Basically, finding your strength is key, especially when you are in this stage of job hunting. You can try the strengthfinder assessment that is available at High 5 test. This should enable you to outline your strengths points which will result in a better understanding of yourself and your potential career growth.

Another possible way to discover your strengths is by collecting feedback from your current/previous lecturers. Try talking to some of your lectures, mentors or previous co-workers to figure out who you really are, and what are your greatest strengths. It is always recommended to get a feedback from those who have worked with you for a certain period of time. Remember that; nothing is better than seeing your true reflection in the eyes of professional experts or academics.

       2. Schedule your work

    Remote internships can be a double-edged sword. If you are a procrastinator, then you will have to arrange your schedule carefully. Break your tasks into smaller tasks to avoid getting bored in the midst of an assignment. Another way to manage your time is by using Week plan, an online calendar that lets you prioritize your tasks and reminds you of important upcoming deadlines.  

             3. Identify your goals

    Probably one of the most common questions that every job hunter has encountered is; where do you see yourself in five years? It is true that as a student you are just trying to build your short-term goals. However, having a clear vision of your future career should not be underestimated. Successful people are known for having a vision of their future goals and plans. Therefore, you need to take a minute to think about how this remote internship would benefit your career goals. Having a clear understanding of your strengths points and goals will help you pick out the most relevant internship.

             4. Find an internship that fulfills your goals

      Now comes the hardest part. After you have identified your strengths and both short-term and long-term goals, you are ready to start your internship hunting process. Finding a company that shares your values is not an easy job. Thus, you need to look carefully for opportunities that align with your missions in life and would support you throughout the internship process. At InternsValley, we provide hundreds of training opportunities that are offered by local and international companies. By registering as student in Internsvalley, you will get notified once there is a suitable internship vacancy.

      Once you have landed a remote internship, it is important to know the advantages of working remotely. As I mentioned earlier, a remote internship can help you acquire many skills including communication and interpersonal skills. All you have to do is to concentrate on discovering your core strengths while working on minimizing your weaknesses. 

      By: Menna Shalaby
      Creative Content Intern 

      Strategic Partners