Our Story

The story started when an early stage startup at Factory Berlin couldn’t find an Intern for co-building their e-commerce project due to lack of skills and high cost of techies in Berlin. The startup agreed to hire an intern remotely in a co-working space in Cairo. Three months later the intern was hired remotely as a full-time employee and the startup believes it was the perfect choice to source their web project and cut costs.

The Problem

Finding a qualified developer that is cost-effective and ready to start working immediately is not easy. For early stage startups, time is precious and the need to find qualified candidates in a short time is essential. The usual solution was to hire the available candidates who meet at least the minimum requirements.

Our solution

Internsvalley provides the solution for early stage startups who seek remote software developers to co-build their projects. Internsvalley’s matchmaking platform connects fresh and experienced remote developers with early stage startups through practical remote opportunities.

Discover remote opportunities

Our teams in Berlin and Cairo work side by side to make the onboarding process of the developers easy and efficient. Our remote developers work from our co-working space “Startup Haus Cairo”. Internsvalley’s team in Cairo provides support and manages them there on the ground. At the same time, our supporting team in Berlin takes care of payment, international remittances and offering daily assistance for you.

Internsvalley’s vision

Building a future of remote work by providing startups with talented and cost-effective remote developers. 

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