Our Story

The story started when an early stage startup at Factory Berlin couldn’t find an Intern for co-building their e-commerce project due to lack of skills and high cost of techies in Berlin. The startup agreed to hire an intern remotely in a co-working space in Cairo. Three months later the intern was hired remotely as a full-time employee and the startup believes it was the perfect choice to source their web project and cut costs.

The Problem

The problem that freelancers and early stage startups always face is that they have those tasks that are super time-consuming and deviate their focus from the big picture. Such tasks can be managing the facebook page, filling out google sheets lists, doing content research, help with presentations, graphic, setting up your wordpress page, developing your test platform, app, etc.

The usual solution is to hire a remote intern that gives you a hand with those tasks and doesn’t cost you much. Yet for some super-early stage startups, even interns could be expensive (800-1200 EURO per month) if you are still testing your concept or you just do not want to spend too much money at the start.

Our solution

Internsvalley is an online marketplace that enables early stage startups to find and hire remote interns to co-build new projects in a simple and cost-effective way. It connects fresh graduates and students who seek work experience with young startups through practical learning opportunities.

Discover remote opportunities

Internsvalley can help you hire remote interns from web and mobile app development to SEO, social media marketing, content writing and online support with an average monthly salary between (150 - 350 EUR).

Our remote interns work from co-working spaces in Cairo. Internsvalley team support and manage them there on the ground, while our supporting team in Berlin takes care of payment, international remittances and offering daily assistance for you.

Internsvalley’s vision

Providing start-up ventures with selected and cost-effective remote talents. 

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