Backend Developer

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Salary Starts from 1200 EUR

Location Cairo

Job Requirements

1. Complete computer-science degree or equivalent experience.
2. 2 years of experience with back end development using PHP.
3. Knowledge of or previous experience with JavaScript, Spryker is a plus.
4. Preferably with a previous experience building e-commerce projects.
5. Excellent English communication skills.
6. Willing to work remotely from a co-working space in Cairo.

Job Description

We like to do things differently. That's why we are looking for you. You’re an extraordinary person with a passion for tech. You can implement creative backend solutions for our clients in Zurich. And because you’ll be working remotely you have to be a good communicator and self-organized. We look forward to receiving your application.

How to apply?

Signup or Login to your account and make sure your profile is complete and updated.
Some jobs require a task to be completed before a specified deadline. You should upload the task to a github repository (make sure it's public) and then submit the repository link in the form emailed to you when you received the task.

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