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Job Title Graphic Design Intern

Salary Paid

Company Location Online

Duration 1 Month

Job Requirements

Must be able to: Graphic Design Motion graphic design Communicate written English

Job Description

We're looking for a Graphic Designer, preferably a graphic designer who can do motion graphics as well to be apart of our team to design graphics for marketing activities, parts of website and more. Both on-demand and independently. We value your personal creativity to flow through to support idealised concepts and vibes for every given task. The job will put you in a position where you're contributing to the growth of the company while learning how different designs plays out with not only different objectives but different activities.

About The Company

An online skincare destination based in Singapore that retails a curation of vetted skincare products and brands that have harsh-free, advanced and high efficacy formulas. Started because the selection of skincare in drugstores and high-end department stores everywhere are not up to our standards in terms of formula, efficacy and passion.

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