Internship Details

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Job Title Community Moderator Intern

Salary Paid

Company Location Cairo

Duration 3 Month

Job Requirements

- Entrepreneurial & hard-working
- Used to work under time pressure and for long hours
- Loyal & trustworthy
- Used to dealing with client objections
- Unprecedented communication and persuasion skills
- Prior Blockchain and crypto research, knowledge or experience is a strong plus
- Fluent English is a must. Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or German is a strong plus

Job Description

As a community moderator, your job includes: Moderating social media groups; providing information and support to users, deleting offensive or inadequate messages, banning trolls and spammers, etc.
Sharing new updates from the ICO team in different social media channels: Reddit, Bitcointalk, Telegram, etc., and replying to comments from other users.
- Identifying influencers, moderators and community owners and having them join the community management efforts.
- Gathering questions from users and maintaining FAQs.
- Professionally handling situations that could harm the brand or trustworthiness of the client.

About The Company


GrowthBrains is a Growth Acceleration as a Service consulting firm that works with several digital marketplaces and tech startups. GrowthBrains is currently not public as we have been working on different projects exclusively via our network of VCs, founders, and professionals.


We are a group of entrepreneurs that have a successful track record in the tech scene in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We already achieved a few exits in the last 3 years with online food delivery and mobile apps achieving double-digit million valuations.

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