7 Reasons To use “InternsValley” Platform To Get Your Internship

11 Oct 2017

If you are a college student or a fresh graduate seeking an internship or traineeship and have not reached through numerous websites yet.

If you are a startup owner searching for partners or interns to help you accelerating your  company without affecting the financial status.

Here is the solution provided by “InternsValley” platform. It matches college student and fresh graduates, who are interested in getting employed, with startups by getting an internship opportunity (3 to 6 months or even an annum) to allow every intern gaining the practical knowledge, and every entrepreneur saves an acceptable amount of fund and moving his startup forward with persons whom not afraid of decreased money amount.

Not the money only.. This are 7 reasons to use “InternsValley” platform to get your opportunity or hiring skilled resources that have the passion with entrepreneurship  


  • “InternsValley” team communicates directly with enterprises:


To provide new opportunities and assure that these opportunities are real, not an advertises for the company to get marketed.


  • A specialised website in announcing the qualifying trainings to get a real job:


Companies while making their choices from the various profiles on the platform, they put into consideration that applicants are undergraduates or fresh graduates. So, you won’t suffer any type of inequalities with those who are currently employed and applying for any open vacancy like what happens on many job hunting websites. This is considered good for the recruiters that are in the valley as they won’t get distracted when looking into many CVs.


  • Testimonial to enterprises on the best trainees in their majors, and trainees get recommended with distinct companies and learning environments in its scopes:


If you proved your efficiency while your first internship, the internship sponsor will make you a recommendation on the platform. This appears for other companies that want your skills to become an intern or employee with them and enhances your chances to get more experience.

The same is for companies that proved they have a perfect climate and suitable for students and interns, and get honored with “Perfection Badge” to get recognized and reach more efficient applicants.


  • Catching your chance never been easier or faster:


The available opportunities on the website are provided by startups (the working team is from 5 to 500 persons) that have flexible climate to give learning chances and sharing the expertise.  

The selection criteria are not restrictive like major companies, the applicant selection cycle is shorter and faster without exams or many interviews.


  • More Chances, you have the ability to get a distance internship in startups abroad:


We concentrate on the provision of distance learning and training opportunities (in some fields) to overcome any obstruction that may be met by the applicants to get their real knowledge while studying or when it’s hard to leave the home country.

This also offers new experience for startups to reach the qualified applicants “without locative barriers” regardless their location especially if they planning for scaling outside their country or they are online-based.  

And this helps to provide more distributed opportunities throughout the year! “Without time barriers”  and not a 3-month summer internship for both students and graduates who want to have career shifts.


  • New internships in new fields that were specified for employees only:


We focus on searching for fields that were not available for internships or that were only only available with recommendations and intercession to allow students to apply like banks, stock market and, export and import even the medicine and law. The valley explores the senior companies and youth foundations in a certain field to extend the learning and experience exchange with those who are passionate to work in such majors in the future


  • Following up and sharing experience with applicants and companies:


One of “InternsValley” roles is offering a valid environments for exploring and working in our communities (especially the Arabic one), spreading the experience and knowledge exchange culture and spending efforts in pursuit of knowledge by practice instead of money.

On every match between an applicant and a company, our team monitors the quality of both parties during and after the internship to make sure that everyone has the right choice and makes the imposed duties.

And based on that,  we provide practical advice and helpful tips on how to deal together.

If you want to get your first opportunity before your graduation or even you have already graduated and seeking a valuable job that examines your abilities and skills to learn new thing before beginning, start building a profile on “InternsValley” platform that expresses you in a modern way HERE and explore the periodically published opportunities then apply for the one that suites you!

Or if you are an entrepreneur or an owner of a pioneer company and want to depend on passionate youths to share knowledge and experience, you can build a profile for your company HERE and announce the available opportunities HERE

Let us hear about the shared experience and skills  between both of you soon!     


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