Intelligence for Innovation (in4in) meets InternsValley in Cairo

07 Nov 2018

The Director of the International SEPT Program at the University of Leipzig Professor Utz Dornberger arrived in Egypt on the 1st of November to attend an event organized by Intelligence for Innovation (in4in) and Yomken about the potential for Egyptians Startups in the German market. Dr. Dornberger’s speech covered the opportunities and the challenges that startups face throughout their journey to enter the German market. InternsValley’s CEO and Founder, Mohamed Hawass, also spoke at the event about his experience as an Egyptian entrepreneur in Berlin.

As part of his visit to Egypt, he visited the Startup Haus Cairo to meet the remote talents who are working with companies based in Germany and Switzerland. Dr. Dornberger engaged in discussions with the remote talents about their remote work experience and the challenges they face on a daily basis. The remote talents explained how being in a co-working space makes them more productive, expands their network and reduces distractions. As for the challenges and difficulties that they could face while working remotely, some of them mentioned that the high expectation from the clients could sometimes disturb the working process. The remote talents agreed that working remotely is a new trend in Egypt. However, it's spreading fast among youth as it gives them the flexibility and the working style they are looking for.

By: Raghda Medhat and Menna Shalaby

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