7 essential skills for a remote internship success

30 May 2018

A remote internship is not just about having flexible schedule and a comfortable working space. In fact, remote interns face similar challenges to what full-time remote workers face on a daily basis. These challenges are exactly what they need to reinforce their skills and expand their perspectives in life. In a study by Gallup, it was reported that remote work is often linked to productivity and engagement. Therefore, remote internships are favored by organizations and early stage startups who are seeking performance over presence.

In order to land a remote internship, or if you are currently pursuing a remote internship, there are 7 key skills that you need to develop. Because landing a remote internship is not an easy task, we will guide you through the set of skills you need to make sure you are qualified for your dream remote internship.

In the following section, you will find a detailed description of the most important skills you will need to acquire to rock your next remote internship opportunity.

1. Effective communication

What’s worse than misunderstanding between co-workers? Effective communication skill certainly comes on top of the list of most required skills in remote work. Working remotely requires being able to interact with your colleagues/clients using various digital communication tools. Almost all your interactions will be done in writing. Therefore, communication skills needed for a remote internship include being able to write clearly and concisely to deliver your points without being misinterpreted. It also includes the ability to communicate virtually with clients and supervisors using virtual communication tools such as Skype and Google Hangouts.

So, unlike other internships that require your physical presence, remote internships require you to master both verbal and written communication skills. To summarize, the following points will help you along the way:

·      Being clear and concise is key to avoid being misunderstood.

·      Keep in touch with your colleagues on a daily basis.

·      Respond to messages/emails promptly.

·      Be reachable throughout the day.

2. Time management skills

One of the challenges of working remotely is being able to meet deadlines. Working outside an office makes you feel relaxed which might cause delays in submitting your work. Therefore, you should try to eliminate distractions as much as you can and do not let your personal life gets in the way of work. Put your activities and personal life aside and set a deadline for every task you have.

Never procrastinate. It is always better to take small steps than not taking any steps at all. So, start working on that big assignment you have been ignoring for so long and break it into smaller tasks.

Start your day early. Studies have shown that morning people tend to be more productive than evening people as they report high levels of performance.

Time management skills will not only help you meet  your deadlines, but will also lead you to enjoy a work/life balance.

3. Motivation

Working remotely with minimum supervision means working independently most of the time. This routine can make you feel little down and unmotivated. In order to boost your motivation, we advise you to take breaks every once in a while. Working from home doesn’t mean endless working hours. It is recommended that you dedicate time to take care of your health and to do the things that you enjoy doing. To stay motivated, commit to doing your best and producing quality work that speaks for itself.

4. Tech-Savvy

Millennials know it all when it comes to technology, it is their thing. As a remote intern, you are advised to stay up to date with the latest technological and digital trends. There are always many ways to learn something new. The internet and technology have made our lives more convenient and entertaining and have made it easy to learn and develop new skills. One of the most required skills in remote internships is web designing and content creation for social media. Mastering both will help you prosper in your remote internship.

5. Proactivity

It is true that working from an office makes you more proactive. Problems and suggestions can easily be voiced out to your supervisor when you are in the office. On the other hand, working remotely puts you at risk of being left out.

But, being a proactive team member while working remotely increases your chance to stand out and make a difference. Don’t hesitate to take the initiatives to; solve a problem, suggest a new solution and provide alternative options. Reach out to your supervisors constantly and ask for feedback.

6. Embracing diversity

Successful companies aim at establishing a heterogeneous workplace to be able to connect with audience around the world. As a remote intern, you will be exposed to a variety of ideas and thoughts that you will learn to embrace and appreciate. Embracing the diversity and the differences will make you receptive to diverse ideas and experiences.

7. Creativity

Probably one of the most important skills for a remote internship is creativity. Companies hire remote interns to benefit from their fresh and creative ideas. So, to succeed in a remote internship you will have to add a bit of creativity to your work. The good news is that, creativity can be acquired through practice and self-development. Studies have shown that spending 15 minutes reading a book can boost your creativity. The secret lies in your ability to keep looking for new and unexpected ways to solve the problem. By training your mind not to settle on a single solution, you will boost your creativity and eventually your efforts will pay off.

Unlike on-site internships, remote internships require extra efforts and skills. So, don’t be discouraged if you didn’t land a remote internship because developing these skills will take time and practice. You can start now and build your account on InternsValley and you will receive hundreds of remote internship opportunities that match your skills and expertise.

By: Menna Shalaby 

Creative Content Intern 

Strategic Partners